Private Student Loan Negotiation Rates

Performance Based Negotiation:

I operate as a no-upfront fee, performance based negotiator in full compliance with the TSR Amendments governing debt settlement payment structure. 

If there is no agreeable settlement, you don’t pay. That’s the way it should be; and is required to be by law. 

My negotiation charge is for: 

  • Successful negotiation of the settlement amount, and terms
  • Successful execution of the settlement (just as important as the dollar amount being negotiated)
  • Followup assistance with credit, correct credit reporting, and lifetime support for anything related to the loan being settled

Prior to negotiations starting, clients deposit an estimated negotiation charge into a third party Escrow.com (a licensed and bonded escrow company with over $5 billion in transactions) account which they retain full control over. When the settlement is reached and executed, clients log in to their Escrow.com account and approve for the negotiation charge to be released. 

Settlement savings are calculated based on the balance of your accounts at the time you become a client. These charges are adjusted at the time of settlement to reflect the exact amount saved based on this starting balance, and although my estimates are conservative and realistic, I always try to beat them.

If there is no agreeable settlement, then the full balance of the Escrow.com account is refunded to the client. I also pay all fees associated with Escrow.com except for the fees from your bank to transfer the funds into your Escrow.com account, or the Paypal/Credit Card funding option fee.

Negotiation Rates

Less than $10,000
total debt enrolled


33% of amount saved

$10,000 to $50,000
total debt enrolled


20% of amount saved

$50,000 to $100,000
total debt enrolled


15% of amount saved

$100,000 to $150,000
total debt enrolled


12.5% of amount saved

More than $150,000
total debt owed


10% of amount saved

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