Other Debts

Have you received a call or letter from a lender or collection agency for another type of debt, other than a private student loan?

You may be able to settle for a fraction of the balance due – and get those harassing calls stopped.

Types Of Debt I Have Settled

  • Credit cards
  • Bank loans
  • Medical debts
  • Signature loans
  • FinTech/online lending platform loans
  • Private student loans (my specialty)
  • Federal student loans (only in rare circumstances, most people will not qualify)
  • Car loans (after repossession)
  • A legal bill owed to a criminal defense attorney (probably my strangest account)

As of this writing I have 30+, 5 star reviews on Google. If an account can be settled, I will settle it.

I take on accounts as small as $3,000 and have settled accounts as large as $317,000. 

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Making sure the settlement is “executed” properly after it’s negotiated is just as important as the negotiation itself; and because of my specialized settlement payment protocol that I have perfected over my career, I have never had a client lose a settlement after we execute it. 

We also make sure that all credit reporting is properly updated so you can begin to move on with your life once the settlement is done. 

We offer a complementary 17 page Credit Building Guide to all clients after settlement, and also refer client to one of the best credit repair companies in the country post-settlement.

You don’t have to face this on your own – I’m here to help. 

Collection agencies and lenders are not operating with your best interests in mind, and are NOT a source of objective financial advice. Their only goal is to take as much of your money as possible. Debt collectors routinely lie and make threats that are not true in order to try to scare people into paying. 

Do you have a debt other than a private student loan, and want to know if you’re a good candidate for my settlement service? 


If the following apply to you, send me a message or give us a call today:

  • Someone who owes $3,000 or more to a collection agency or lender
  • Someone who has or can borrow funds to pay for either a lump sum or structured settlement (structured settlements over time are not available with all lenders)
  • Someone who has an unsecured debt that was originated with a for profit lender like Navient, Bank of America, Chase, etc (secured loans like mortgages cannot be settled)
  • Someone who is ready to take action and get rid of their debt forever. 

I am completely performance based which means that you only pay me if we negotiate a settlement that you agree to.

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