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I began my debt negotiation career in 2009 by settling over $550,000 in credit card accounts within a 3 month period, as the lead negotiator for a debt settlement company.
In 2011, I was certified as a credit counselor and began working on my own – my first client had over $250k in credit cards that he had used to (unsuccessfully) invest in rare coins. The coins’ value tanked after he bought them, and he found himself in major trouble with 15+ credit cards- I settled all of them successfully.

You don’t have to face this on your own – I’m here to help. 

Fast forward to today, and I am even more effective, more experienced, more strategic, with better industry relationships, and have added even more benefits to my service – including a major emphasis on credit recovery (something that is sorely lacking with the vast majority of debt relief companies and negotiators).

I have high level negotiating relationships that I have built over time with National Enterprise Systems that have allowed me to save my clients tens of thousands of dollars by settling for much less than the balance owed. I can also stop all harassing phone calls from National Enterprise Systems within days, or sometimes within hours.

Making sure the settlement is “executed” properly after it’s negotiated is just as important as the negotiation itself; and because of my specialized settlement payment protocol that I have perfected over my career.

I have never had a client lose a settlement after we execute it.

The short answer is yes. Although very few experts have direct knowledge or experience in working with Heal loan borrowers, Heal loans can be settled! Read on to find out how and what to expect with a Heal loan settlement. 

First, a little about Health Education Assistance Loans: 

HEAL loan options were originally created for health professionals to further their education in medical school. These are a unique subset of federal student loans created in the late 70s and discontinued in the late 90s. 

Because this program was created prior to the Department of Education, they are not as streamlined, even though the Department of Education eventually took it over. This type of student loan debt was created by private lenders and guaranteed by the federal government; so in this way they are similar to the FFELP program (which has also been discontinued). 

Unlike FFELP federal loans though, Heal Loan accounts can be resolved for significant discounts. This is a process that is unknown for the vast majority of debt experts, and forget about the average collegiate debt relief company having any knowledge of this heal loan program whatsoever. These programs are not eligible for the normal Income-Driven repayment plans, and even though the Department of Education has taken over these accounts, they do not offer the same relief as they do for other federal student aid borrowers.

As an expert debt negotiator who has settled millions, I’ve talked to thousands and thousands of borrowers over the last decade. One of my most interesting conversations was with a doctor who had been able to settle for a vast discount – much, much lower than federal balances settle for and even lower than the normal range for private heal loan settlements (read on for the exact percentage of her settlement). This really piqued my interest at the time, and I began researching further about the Heal loan program.

Next, the bad news: HEAL accounts have indefinite statutes of limitation and collection 

Although the program was discontinued, like all federally guaranteed debts, there are no statutes of limitation and the federal government will use aggressive collection tactics to try to collect over an indefinite period of time. The important thing to keep in mind is: this will be an ongoing problem during a medical professional’s career, and even during retirement. They simply do not go away. 

What kind of collection activities can HEAL borrowers face?

  • Assignment to a collection agency
  • Lawsuit and judgment in federal court
  • Offset of tax refund
  • Prevention of Medicare acceptance at the medical professional’s practice

So how do you resolve them and prevent further negative consequences?

Unless you’re actively facing litigation on these accounts, you don’t need a student loan attorney for settlement. What you do need is a world class student loan negotiator who has experience with a wide variety of settlement scenarios to help you negotiate the lowest possible settlement, and to make sure the negotiated agreement is executed properly. 

There are some types of accounts where it’s possible to try to settle on your own: a small credit card debt with a non-aggressive lender, a past due medical bill, etc. For large heal loan balances, there are high stakes significant consequences if the settlement isn’t executed properly – you need a professional. Along with saving you the time and effort involved, there’s simply no replacement for the level of expertise that a debt expert with millions in loan debt negotiation brings to the table.

It really evens the playing field and saves you the stress of negotiating with a debt collector – and for larger accounts, collection agencies make sure that their pros are the ones involved. A professional collection agent spends at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, honing their craft – often for years. Trying to go head to head with someone like that in your first major debt negotiation is a recipe for disaster. Even if debts are reduced enough, the follow-up is often where people get into trouble. 

With these types of accounts, the execution followup would include removal from the Heal loan default list, and making sure that there are no further collection activities. If for some reason the debts are still reporting on credit, then it’s important to make sure that is notated correctly as well. However, this is unlikely because even though they have no statutes of limitation, credit reporting timelines dictate that accounts fall off reports after 7 years from the first missed payment.

Are there any other ways to get relief?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many available avenues for loan repayment assistance to really resolve a Heal loan default in it’s current form. Forbearances are generally unavailable, Income-Driven Plans aren’t either. Forget about Rehabilitation. HeaL loan accounts do not qualify for any type of student loan forgiveness or loan forgiveness programs. Bankruptcy is generally not possible and reported to be even more difficult than for normal federal loans, which are notorious for the difficulty of discharging in bankruptcy.

However, it can be possible to go through Direct Consolidation to be come eligible for all of the normal relief options that “normal” federal accounts have. By doing this, they fully converts to Direct Loans and you lose any chance of ever settling it for a fraction of the balance. It would re-report on your credit, and you would have to sign up for a repayment plan (once the pandemic forbearance is over). 

Consider carefully before going through Direct Consolidation for a HEAL loan. Student loan settlement at a massive reduction is possible on these loans, and by going through Consolidation, it will make the entire balance plus late fees become the new actively reporting balance on your credit. There is no real chance of federal loan settlement on an account that’s brought current, so this permanently removes that option. For borrowers with smaller balances or those who can’t afford to settle, this could be a good option to get the account current and off the HEAL list and enter into normal student loan repayment. 

How to decide: Settlement or Direct Consolidation?

For those with larger balances, evaluate whether you want to begin repaying on the full balance plus late fees instead of potentially reducing it by more than half the balance and moving on with your life. If a larger balance is currently not on your credit and is reported when brought current (which will happen), this can drastically affect your Debt to Income ratio and could have a negative impact on your credit as it will look like a new installment loan, with no previously reported credit history prior to when it is brought current. 

However, this does open the door for normal federal loan relief options – and permanently eliminates the option of a drastically reduced balance. A careful evaluation of your current and future financial situation is a good idea when considering these two options. Federal loan settlements are generally only for accounts that have been in default for many years, with the reduction mainly being a removal of late fees and some interest that have accrued after default

With HeaL loan accounts, the chance for a massive settlement could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

If you can afford a lump sum payment, you can resolve the HeaL account for far less than the balance instead of creating a new burden by taking it out of default via Direct Consolidation. If you have the settlement money to fund the heal loan debt settlement, the savings are tremendous and unlike anything available for normal federal loan benefits.

I’m here to help:

As one of the top loan negotiators in the US, I will use all of the strategies, experience, relationships, and negotiating tactics that I have developed over a decade long career to settle for as low as possible. And if I’m not successful, you owe me nothing – that’s the beauty of performance based negotiation. 

Remember in the beginning of this article when I said to read on to find out the exact percentage of the settled account for the doctor I spoke to?

It was 26%. 

The fact that a settlement that low was possible (on a federal debt with no statutes of limitation) absolutely blew my mind. 

Click here to request a free evaluation on whether settling your HEAL student loan default is the right move for you, or give me a call right now at 937-50

National Enterprise Systems is not operating with your best interests in mind, and is NOT a source of good financial advice. Their only goal is to take as much of your money as possible. Debt collectors company such as National Enterprise Systems routinely lie and make threats that are not true in order to try to scare people into paying.

National Enterprise Systems

While private student loan settlement is my specialty; over the last 13 years I’ve also settled credit cards, student loan refinances, bank loans, credit union loans, federal student loans (in rare cases only), medical debts, signature loans, FinTech/online lending platform loans, car loans (after repossession), National Enterprise Systems debt settlement, and even a legal bill owed to a criminal defense attorney (definitely one of my most interesting negotiations).


Who Makes a Good Candidate for My Settlement Service?

  • Someone who owes $3,000 or more to National Enterprise Systems
  • Someone who has or can borrow funds to pay for either a lump sum or structured settlement (structured settlements over time are not available with all lenders)
  • Someone who has an unsecured debt that was originated with a for profit lender like Navient, Bank of America, Chase, etc (secured loans like mortgages cannot be settled)
  • Someone who is ready to take action and get rid of their debt forever. 

I am Completely Performance-Based, Which Means that You Only Pay If We Negotiate a Settlement That You Agree To.

Don't Just Take it From me, Check out What my Past Clients are Saying

Over the last 13 years, I have settled credit cards, bank loans, medical debts, signature loans, FinTech/online lending platform loans, student loans, car loans after repossession, and even a legal bill owed to a criminal defense attorney.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what my past clients are saying! As of this writing I have 30, 5 star reviews on Google. If an account can be settled, I will settle it. 

I take on accounts as small as $3,000 and have settled accounts as large as $317,000.

In some cases, National Enterprise Systems may have bought your debt, in others, they are just assigned to collect on behalf of the original creditor. National Enterprise Systems will do its best to work for the best of the original creditor, Not all lenders settle, but many do. Contact me today for a free evaluation to learn how I can help.



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    I offer a complementary 17 page Credit Building Guide to all clients after settlement, and work with one of the best credit repair companies in the US to help delete prior negative payment history after the settlement is completed. We also make sure that all credit reporting is properly updated so you can begin to move on with your life once the settlement is done.

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    Rob Pralow
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    "I will say that working with Andrew has been amazing I will be honest I was very skeptical about him negotiating with Navient because they did not work with me so I was constantly being bombarded with calls from them so I talk to Andrew and within 24 hours he was able to get those calls stop and he was able to negotiate my Navient student loans from 112k down to under 36k within two months. Andrew explain to me the process he was very patient and understanding and really showed that he cared about my situation it is because of him I am not ashamed to look at my college degree and feel like I made a bad choice in going to college after I paid off Navient I look at my college degree with pride and I recommend anyone if you have private student loans please talk to Andrew he is a life saver. If t could give you 10 stars I would thanks again".