Private Student Loan Evaluation Form

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*Please keep in mind - settlement requires some type of access to funding (for lump sum, or down payments on structured/term settlement plans).

If you do not have any funds and cannot borrow/access any at all, I have nothing to negotiate with.

Common funding sources are: savings, income, friends and family, loans, home equity, 401k, assets, stocks, etc.*

A general range to estimate for funding settlements is 40-50% of your loan amount for a lump sum, or roughly 10-20% of your loan amount for a down payment on a term settlement (this is a rough estimate and varies by lender, we will go over detailed estimates on our call).
An approximate number is fine if you don't know the exact amount.
If you have multiple private loan lenders, please list the name of each. If you are behind on payments, please list the name of any collection agencies on the account (if applicable). Your lender may be different than your loan servicer (for example, most National Collegiate Trust private loans are serviced by AES until they default).
Lenders will only settle when loans are in default or seriously behind. If you're current and considering a "strategic default", first check out my article about the pros and cons of that strategy here: https://www.mycreditcounselor.net/should-i-strategically-default-to-settle-private-student-loans/
If you aren't sure, an approximate date is fine.

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