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Student Loan Specialist, Debt Negotiator, Certified Credit Counselor, Certified Student Loan Counselor

I’m a NACCC Certified Credit Counselor and a NACCC Certified Student Loan Counselor who has helped over 2,500 student loan loan borrowers. I am the only Certified Student Loan Counselor who focuses exclusively on private student loan issues in the US, as far as I’m aware. 

My student loan advice has been featured in Forbes MagazineThe New York TimesCBS NewsUS News and World ReportTime/MoneyYahoo Finance, NerdwalletCredit.comAARP.com and The Christian Science Monitor.

Certified student loan counselor certification

How My Debt Negotiation Journey Began:

After being laid off from the job I was “supposed to have” for my college degree in 2008, I began going into the office of a small debt settlement company, owned by a friend I’d met at my church. 

Much to my surprise, I found the work very interesting and threw myself into learning as much as I could about debt, credit, and negotiating. I was a bit nervous for my very first negotiation, but I had the bug – the excitement and high stakes of debt negotiation had gotten me hooked.

When the owner of that small company got a position at a much larger debt settlement company as their director, I decided to go with him. I started off in customer service, and then quickly moved into their lead negotiator role. 

When I took that position in 2009, I settled over $550,000 in credit card accounts within a 3 month period. I had a 3 hour daily roundtrip commute via train, car, bus, and walking; and after another 3 months of that grueling routine, I realized I was starting to get burned out.

I was also noticing some major inefficiencies within the company – it was extremely sales heavy, and light on customer service. 

This was typical of the “traditional” debt relief industry, especially before the no-upfront fee rules were put into place by the FTC in 2011. I began working on my own ideas for a more efficient, focused, and effective debt settlement model.

Click to watch my video about the drawbacks of “old school” debt settlement, and how my model is different

Two years later in 2011, I got certified as a credit counselor and began working on my own – my first client had over $250k in credit cards that he had used to (unsuccessfully) invest in rare coins. 

The coins’ value tanked after he bought them, and he found himself in major trouble with 15+ credit cards (I settled all of them successfully).

Two years after that, after getting some advice from one of the best student loan attorneys in New York; I settled my first private student loan with Sallie Mae (the collector I negotiated it with still works there, and I still work with him to this day).

Fast forward to today, and I am even more effective, more experienced, more strategic, with better industry relationships, and have added even more benefits to my service – including a major emphasis on credit recovery (something that is sorely lacking with the vast majority of debt relief companies and negotiators).

Over the years I have developed high level contacts at the largest private loan lenders, collection agencies, and attorney collection firms – working with everyone from front line collection agents, to the vice presidents of collection agencies – and everyone in between.

I even save a file of all of my negotiation contacts over the years – it now has over 100 contacts in it. This allows past negotiation success to build on future efforts. An established relationship makes a world of difference.

If you have a debt other than a private student loan and are interested in settlement, visit my Other Debts page

If a debt can be settled, I can settle it for as low as possible – and make sure it stays settled (and does not come back to haunt you).

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Andrew Weber was super fast! My first original email to Andrew was dated: Friday, December 11, 2015. I received an acceptance letter from my private student loan lender less than two weeks later on Wednesday, December 23, 2015! I owed $55,778.64 and the settlement amount was for $22,720.00. This was 40.73% of the total amount I owed. Andrew was able to knock off almost 60% of all my private student loans! Andrew always returned my calls and emails within 24 hours and always kept me in the loop regarding any updates. I can unreservedly recommend Andrew to help you negotiate your private student loans.

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