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I’m the top non-attorney private student loan settlement specialist in the United States, having helped thousands in their pursuit to find a valid, feasible alternative to private student loan forgiveness. For most, this means reaching a final settlement amount with your loan provider, their contracted debt collector, or a debt buyer.

Is Private Student Loan Forgiveness Through The Government Possible?

I get asked this question a lot and let me tell you, the answer is no. The federal government has NO authority to offer private student loan forgiveness. To have that authority, it would have to pass through both houses of Congress, and would be viewed as a “bailout” of private student lenders (who are in no real financial trouble). Needless to say, this has no chance of happening in the current or near future political environment. 

Is There An Alternative to Forgiveness?


I offer no nonsense, no upfront fee settlement negotiation on private student loans; and specialize in settling high balance, high risk private student loan accounts for as low as possible.

Since I’m also a NACCC Certified Credit Counselor, in addition to being a private student loan expert, I’ve created and offer a comprehensive Credit Building Guide to each of my clients, post-settlement.

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NACCC Certified Student Loan Counselor and NACC Certified Credit Counselor
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Andrew Weber

Default and student loan impact on credit

Many of those I work with are looking for clarification on how not making student loan payments, and allowing an account to go into default or delinquency, will impact their credit score – both in the short and long term.

In the short term, your score will drop significantly. Although past negative marks will remain for a period of seven years, they do not negatively impact your score for that long (this is a common misconception). By settling out a defaulted private loan and following my credit building advice, many clients are back into a good score range within 1-2 years after settlement, at most. Negatives have less of an impact after 2 years, and building new positive payment history is key to rebuilding good credit after settlement.

An unresolved student loan default will not magically disappear – and for private loans, we see this all too often resulting in surprise lawsuits when defaulted accounts are ignored (especially higher balances).

Request a no-obligation, cost-free consultation with me, Certified Student Loan Counselor Andrew Weber. I’m here to listen, and ready to utilize my established industry relationships so you don’t have to battle it out with debt collectors and try to figure out the complex nature of private loan debt negotiation on the fly.

About Andrew Weber

How I get results:
My negotiation method can be distilled into three main elements: strategies developed over the course of a 10 year debt negotiation career, knowledge/data from a volume of past settlements, and relationships forged in the industry.
My negotiation rates are also the lowest in the industry, as far as I’m aware. I have been a debt negotiator since 2009, and throughout my career I’ve negotiated with front line collection agents to collection attorneys to bank executives, and everyone in between. Over the years I have developed high level contacts at the largest private loan lenders, collection agencies, and attorney collection firms.
I have negotiated settlements with most of the major private lenders, such as: Navient, Sallie Mae, Discover, Wells Fargo, Keybank, Chase, Citibank, Citizens Bank, Turnstile Capital Management, and The National Collegiate Trust – as well as with many smaller private student loan lenders.
Click here to read my case study about how hiring a professional negotiator can save you money versus negotiating on your own (including my performance based negotiation charge).”
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Why Choose Andrew Weber?

Destroy your balance

We have over 10 years of experienced and have successfully achieved 40-60% on average for settlements, and sometimes lower; settling millions in private loans. We will get rid of your private student loan for once and for all.

drastically improve your finances

By negotiating reduced settlements on your private loans, I will clear the way for you to rebuild your credit, improve your debt to income and debt to credit ratios, and help you create the financial profile needed to get approvals to buy a house, get an auto loan, and refinance federal loans, as well as approval for other credit based lending decisions.

Feel what it's like to be DEBT FREE

Experience the relief of being debt free from burdensome private loans that never seem to go away or go down. Settling private loans is truly a life-changing experience.

Settle private student loans before lawsuits occur

We have helped hundreds of borrowers and co-borrowers prevent lawsuits, liens, bank levies, and other forced collection actions on private loans by settling accounts before lawsuits occur. We have never had a client get sued.


What My Clients Say

Find out why so many borrowers choose us to negotiate for them!

Andrew has been an excellent advocate on my behalf…responsive to emails, honest with options and very knowledgeable regarding creditor/collection agency timelines. Three of my private student loans have been settled so far at substantial discounts, with two more currently in negotiation.


The distribution of family estate was being held up by a defaulted loan for $36,000+. With his superior negotiating skills and personal experience in dealing with the collection agency, Andrew Weber won a 33% settlement within 30 days. I highly recommend his services.


I approached Andrew, when I decided to settle on my private student loans earlier this year. Immediately Andrew knew how to tackle the problem. My original loan was with SallieMae and was transferred over to Navient. Navient had pushed it over for collections to Blitt and Gaines. Andrew walked me step by step throughout process and spoke to me in great details on what he was doing . He kept me informed and advised on his strategy. With his negotiations I was able to achieve a tremendous deal that I would have never acquired on my own.


Andrew went above and beyond what I believe anyone else could have done for us! He answered all questions we had in full detail, answered emails promptly and most of all we could tell he genuinely cared about the outcome. He took the time to make sure we understood the whole process and even taught us a few things about dealing with creditors. I feel like I know Andrew personally even though we have never met face to face! He makes you feel comfortable right away and offers a calming straightforward approach.


In the few months that I have worked with Andrew, I can say that Andrew is an intelligent, ethical, and passionate counselor. His efforts exceed typical “counseling” and is more reminiscent of an advocate. His foundation of knowledge in regards to federal loans is impressive, and his consultations are comprehensive. He leaves no stone unturned when seeking a solution to a clients student loan dilemma.


I contacted Andrew as I am currently in default with my federal student loans and what a great experience I had! Even though he only works on private student loans and credit card debt he gave me some directions and also recommended a federal counselor that can deal with my problem. Thank you Andrew!


Andrew Weber was super fast! My first original email to Andrew was dated: Friday, December 11, 2015. I received an acceptance letter from my private student loan lender less than two weeks later on Wednesday, December 23, 2015! I owed $55,778.64 and the settlement amount was for $22,720.00. This was 40.73% of the total amount I owed. Andrew was able to knock off almost 60% of all my private student loans! Andrew always returned my calls and emails within 24 hours and always kept me in the loop regarding any updates. I can unreservedly recommend Andrew to help you negotiate your private student loans.


Andrew made the settlement process quick and easy. From start to finish, he explained what to expect in detail and responded to any questions quickly, clearly and honestly. He goes above and beyond, looks out for your best interest and gets things done with amazing results.


The calls came fast and furious. Each one a little nastier than the last. Nearing retirement, we were terrified how we could satisfy the tens of thousands they wanted. We would have never known how to navigate this labrynth of loan default negotiations without professional help. Andrew’s fee is a fraction of what you would pay a lawyer. He listened to rants and raves and calmed our fears. He presented facts and real results. We entered in to negotiations very skeptical. Andrew won us over 100% and delivered every step of the way.


Our story unfortunately is becoming very common. My son took a student loan from Navient and I consigned . Navient from then on had no contact with us until after my sons graduation . At that time the loan with principle and Interest had grown to over $90,000 . Navient refused to negotiate a lower interest rate or a reduction in payments. They demanded either payment in full or a monthly payment of over $900. /month for the next 20 years. This would have prevented my son from ever buying a home or having any financial freedom for the forceable future.Andrew took on Navient and lowered the amount owed by over $60,000 . This was done promptly, professionally , with, fairness and respect for all parties involved.


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