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Are you struggling with a private student loan that never seems to go down, no matter how long you’ve been paying on it? 

Maybe you have credit card or private student loan accounts in default, and are being hounded by debt collection agencies, or even law firms.

Or maybe you’re a cosigner, and have taken on a burden you never imagined when you signed on those loans many years ago. 

Whatever your situation – I’m here to help. 

Settling a debt is an investment in your future self, and your future bank account.

Imagine a life where you aren’t being held back by a high debt to income ratio (DTI) – allowing you to qualify for the house of your dreams. 

Imagine a life where you aren’t chained as a cosigner to someone else’s loan, that you never thought you would end up being responsible for. 

Imagine a life where you’re not worried about a debt collection lawsuit or getting harassed by debt collection calls, and are instead focused on building personal and business credit, making investments, spending time with your family, or traveling the world. 

All of these things are possible!

Close the gap between where you are now, and the life that you want to have. 

It will take some effort and sacrifice – there is no silver bullet (beware of debt validation scams that promise to get rid of your debt with a couple of letters). 

I’m here to take on as much of the burden as possible, handling all communication and negotiations, and saving you the maximum amount – while making sure settlements are done properly. Accounts that I settle, stay settled. You won’t have to worry about them coming back to haunt you. 

Along with my comprehensive 17 page Credit Building Guide and a world class credit repair agency that we work with, you will be back into a good credit score range within 6-12 months after settlement in most cases.

I’m the top non-attorney private student loan settlement specialist in the United States, having helped hundreds of borrowers settle all types of debts (but especially private student loans) for much less than the balance owed. I have settled multiple millions of private student loan debt with all of the major lenders, and many minor ones as well.

While high balance, high risk private student loan settlement is my specialty; over the last 14 years I’ve also settled: 

  • credit cards, 
  • student loan refinances, 
  • bank loans, 
  • credit union loans, 
  • federal student loans (in rare cases only), 
  • medical debts, 
  • signature loans, 
  • FinTech/online lending platform loans, 
  • auto loans (after repossession), 

And even a legal bill owed to a criminal defense attorney (definitely one of my most interesting negotiations).

A lot of people think that credit counselors and financial professionals never make their own mistakes or end up in bad situations themselves – this couldn’t be farther from the truth

Between starting my business in the shadow of the Great Recession, or navigating the first couple years of the pandemic as a small business owner – I’ve dealt with my fair share of hardship and financial struggle.

At different points over the past 15 years, I have:

  • Been in heavy credit card debt
  • Represented myself in court against a credit card lawsuit and settled it with the opposing counsel
  • Been in default on federal and private student loans
  • Consolidated my own federal student loans out of default and applied for income driven payments
  • Settled my own private student loans
  • Owed over $100,000 in debt 
  • Gotten hit with thousands of dollars of medical bills that I thought my insurance would cover after surgery
  • Settled many of those medical bills
  • Experienced my credit score dropping into the 400s
  • Experienced my credit score rising into the 700s

I know what it’s like to face the same battles you’re facing

Personal finance is a journey at any time, but especially during the tumultuous and unpredictable global events of the 21st century. 

My personal experience and struggles have helped to inform my business practices and allow me to connect on an emotional level with others who are going through some of the same things I have. 

Think of me as the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker.. I will guide you through this process, and help you become your own hero

Things CAN get better with consistent effort and the right strategies! Just ask any of the people in the Google Reviews pop-up on the bottom left.

Get to know me - check out more settlements, reviews, and videos:

Why Choose Andrew Weber?

Destroy your balance

I have over 13 years of experience and have successfully achieved 30-50% on average for settlements, and sometimes lower; settling millions in private loans, credit card debt, and other types of debt. We will get rid of your debt for once and for all.

drastically improve your finances

By negotiating reduced settlements on your private loans, I will clear the way for you to rebuild your credit, improve your debt to income and debt to credit ratios, and help you qualify for the life that you want - whether that's a mortgage, business credit, or refinance.

Feel what it's like to be DEBT FREE

Experience the relief of being debt free from burdensome private loans that never seem to go away or go down. Settling private loans is truly a life-changing experience.

Settle private student loans before lawsuits occur

MyCreditCounselor has helped hundreds of borrowers and co-borrowers prevent lawsuits, liens, bank levies, and other forced collection actions on private loans by settling accounts before lawsuits occur.

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How My Debt Negotiation Journey Began:

After being laid off from the job I was “supposed to have” for my college degree in 2008, I began going into the office of a small debt settlement company, owned by a friend I’d met at my church. 

Much to my surprise, I found the work very interesting and threw myself into learning as much as I could about debt, credit, and negotiating. I was a bit nervous for my very first negotiation, but I had the bug – the excitement and high stakes of debt negotiation had gotten me hooked.

When the owner of that small company got a position at a much larger debt settlement company as their director, I decided to go with him. I started off in customer service, and then quickly moved into their lead negotiator role. 

When I took that position in 2009, I settled over $550,000 in credit card accounts within a 3 month period. I had a 3 hour daily roundtrip commute via train, car, bus, and walking; and after another 3 months of that grueling routine, I realized I was starting to get burned out.

I was also noticing some major inefficiencies within the company – it was extremely sales heavy, and light on customer service. 

This was typical of the “traditional” debt relief industry, especially before the no-upfront fee rules were put into place by the FTC in 2011. I began working on my own ideas for a more efficient, focused, and effective debt settlement model.

Click to watch my video about the drawbacks of “old school” debt settlement, and how my model is different

Two years later in 2011, I got certified as a credit counselor and began working on my own – my first client had over $250k in credit cards that he had used to (unsuccessfully) invest in rare coins. 

The coins’ value tanked after he bought them, and he found himself in major trouble with 15+ credit cards (I settled all of them successfully).

Two years after that, after getting some advice from one of the best student loan attorneys in New York; I settled my first private student loan with Sallie Mae (the collector I negotiated it with still works there, and I still work with him to this day).

Fast forward to today, and I am even more effective, more experienced, more strategic, with better industry relationships, and have added even more benefits to my service – including a major emphasis on credit recovery (something that is sorely lacking with the vast majority of debt relief companies and negotiators).

Over the years I have developed high level contacts at the largest private loan lenders, collection agencies, and attorney collection firms – working with everyone from front line collection agents, to the vice presidents of collection agencies – and everyone in between.

I’ve negotiated on accounts from lenders such as:

  • Chase, 
  • Navient, 
  • Sallie Mae, 
  • NCT, 
  • Turnstile Capital Management, 
  • Barclay Bank, 
  • Discover, 
  • Keybank, 
  • Wells Fargo, 
  • Citizens Bank, 
  • Citibank, 

And many more.. not to mention dozens and dozens of different collection agencies, law firms, servicers, and debt buyers in addition to original lenders, banks and credit unions. 

I even save a file of all of my negotiation contacts over the years – it now has over 100 contacts in it. This allows past negotiation success to build on future efforts. An established relationship makes a world of difference.

If you have a debt other than a private student loan and are interested in settlement, visit my Other Debts page

If a debt can be settled, I can settle it for as low as possible – and make sure it stays settled (and does not come back to haunt you).

Is Government Private Loan Forgiveness Ever Going To Happen?

I’ve been asked this question often during the pandemic, but the answer is no. 

The executive branch of the federal government cannot forgive a private bank or private lender’s debts via executive order or other measures. 

The federal government has no authority to offer private student loan forgiveness either directly or indirectly. 

(Note: I am referring to broad forgiveness here, not the “Navient Attorney General Settlement” – which affected less than 2% of Navient borrowers and has already been processed. Anyone who qualified for that would have already been notified by mail)

To have that authority, a bill would have to pass through both houses of Congress, and would be viewed as a “bailout” of private student lenders (who are in no real financial trouble). 

Think of the “big bank bailout” during the Great Recession. Something like that would have to happen, only focused on consumers – the bailout in 2008 did not relieve consumers of their debt burdens, only corporations deemed “too big to fail”.

The harsh truth is – no one is coming to save you from your private student loans or credit card debt. The closest thing that remains to forgiveness, is forgiveness via settlement cancellation. 

While the government will never pass private student loan forgiveness, they did pass a law that makes settlement even more appealing for private student loan borrowers. 

Under the American Rescue Plan, private student loan cancellation/forgiveness via settlement is exempt from 1099-C taxation until 2025.

How Does Default And Settlement Affect Credit?

There’s a common misconception that settlement permanently ruins your credit. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and this belief exists partly because of the inefficient “old school” debt settlement models that let people sit in default for multiple years before ever attempting to settle. If you’re already in default or seriously delinquent, the damage is already done for the most part.

Client increase
Results from an actual client after the $0 balance from their settlement was updated with the credit bureaus. No other credit building or credit repair actions were taken yet.

The credit damage comes from the late payments and default notations – not the settlement itself. 

The sooner you settle after default, the sooner your credit will recover. My philosophy is based on maximizing savings, while minimizing risk and the amount of time credit is damaged.

The settlement itself will actually be the first positive action in rebuilding your credit – I’ve seen scores jump by up to 90 points (this is what led to the screenshot above) after the $0 balance and settlement notation is reported to credit bureaus, once negotiations are finished. 

For accounts that have been in default for longer than a couple years, the positive impact will not be as major, but this will still clear the way for credit rebuilding, mortgage approval, and the like. 

It is a trade off of short term but significant credit damage – in exchange for significant monetary savings. The higher the balance, the more this trade-off is worth the trouble of the strategic default.

Although past negative marks will remain for a period of seven years, they do not have as heavy of an impact on your score for that long. Negatives have less of an impact after 2 years. 

By settling out a defaulted private loan or other debt and following my credit building advice, many clients are back into a good score range within 1-2 years after settlement.

Successful credit repair can jumpstart this even faster – the firm we refer to has been able to get late history and defaults deleted for my clients post-settlement. 

They’ve even gotten deletions for me personally in the past, so I can say firsthand that they are very effective.

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